To sign up please fill out the info sheet that fits you, please remember we ask that at least 50% of the boats occupants be either current or prior military or first responder personnel.

* if you have empty spots you wish to donate to vets an first responders please let us know in your registry form.


As people register a list will start to form allowing v/fr to request open seats

Captains/ number of available seats

Capt. Kyle Skipper ( Marker One )


Capt. Ryan Willingham ( Old Florida )


Andy Phillips ( Reel Hard )

1. William Huff

First responder/Vet Registry

Name *
Due to limited space we can only offer free spots to Military personnel (active and former) and first reponders.

Captains Registry

Name *
How many people can you safely carry
Who is coming with you personally
Number of vets or first responders you are willing to take with you